Who We Are

Poreotics, crowned as MTV’s America’s Best Dance Crew Season 5 Champions, continues to captivate audiences across the globe with their unique fusion of “Popping, Choreography, and Robotics.” These shaded showmen, inspired by robots, entertain the world with their unexpected humor and revolutionary style blend. Poreotics has laboriously honed their craft of popping and robotic movement to be the pinnacle of their game. With their unrivaled synthesis of dance styles, integration of comedy combined with their distinctive and animated look, Poreotics creates fiercely entertaining and unparalleled performances.

Poreotics never performs without their trademark shades. The shades are used as a tool to hide emotion so that Poreotics can effectively deliver unexpected twists in their routines, taking the audience from serious to funny without showing their hand.

Their signature moves and style has awarded them local, national and worldwide acclaim. Poreotics has worked with artists such as Justin Bieber and Usher in the “Somebody to Love Remix” and Bruno Mars in his hit, “The Lazy Song,” where they were donned in monkey masks and flannels. Additionally, they have been featured on YouTube sensation Ryan Higa’s “Best Crew vs. Poreotics” and on Disney’s “Shake it Up.” Internationally, they have continued to work with Justin Bieber, opening for his “My World Tour,” as well as Bruno Mars’s “Moonshine Jungle Tour” in Manila, Philippines. Poreotics is also known for their work with Ganesh Hegde, a Bollywood choreographer and international celebrity from India, in his music video “Let’s Party.”

Poreotics is a force within the dance and entertainment industry. For these extraordinary performers, the sky is the limit.